Why Doing Romanian Deadlifts Like Romee Strijd Is a Nice Strategy to Stretch and Strengthen Your Hamstrings – Health Tips For Women

In the case of her sweat classes, Victoria's Secret mannequin Romee Strijd can crush a lot of spectacular actions鈥攖ogether with her "namesake" train.

NYC-based fitness center Dogpound posted an Instagram video final week of the 23-year-old Dutch-born health buff demoing the Romanian deadlift鈥攐r as Dogpound dubs it within the caption, the 鈥淩omee-nian鈥 deadlift.

You possibly can try the transfer, by way of @dogpound, right here:

The Romanian deadlift is a 鈥渧ery basic hinge motion and accessible train,鈥 Mark DiSalvo, NYC-based licensed energy and conditioning specialist, tells SELF. 鈥淚t may be tough at first, however when you鈥檙e previous the early studying curve, it鈥檚 an train folks sit up for doing.鈥

The Romanian deadlift targets your posterior chain, or the muscular tissues on the bottom of your physique.

In comparison with an everyday deadlift, which includes a deep bend on the knees and driving with the quads, the sort of deadlift, generally known as the "stiff-leg deadlift," 鈥渨orks your complete posterior chain, or the bottom of your physique, out of your calves to your hamstrings, again, glutes, and backbone,鈥 Stephanie Mansour, Chicago-based licensed private coach, tells SELF.

This posterior activation comes from bending the knees barely after which fixing your physique in place as your hips slowly hinge ahead to drive the motion, DiSalvo explains. 鈥淏y retaining your complete physique as stiff as a board whereas your hips are the one half driving the motion, you might be actually loading up the hamstrings,鈥 says DiSalvo. The purpose of the stiff-leg stance (which in actuality includes a slight knee bend鈥攅xtra on that under) is to take 鈥渁 variety of the opposite muscular tissues out of the equation.鈥

But the transfer isn鈥檛 nearly strengthening your bottom鈥攊t鈥檚 additionally nice for stretching your hamstrings and assuaging stress in your low again.

The eccentric a part of the motion, or while you鈥檙e decreasing the load, is a superb hamstring and low-back stretch. Typically, lots of people have weak and/or tight hamstrings, which may each contribute to low-back ache, provides Mansour. Doing strikes that each strengthen and lengthen the hammies, like this one, may also help alleviate stress.

In the event you鈥檙e doing a Romanian deadlift accurately, it 鈥渇eels actually good for most individuals,鈥 provides DiSalvo. 鈥淢ost individuals have a variety of stress of their again and backbone and this transfer decompresses it a bit bit.鈥

In the event you鈥檙e searching for even extra lengthening, doing the transfer along with your toes elevated, like Strijd demonstrates, can improve the stretch at the back of your legs, says Mansour.

Right here鈥檚 how you can do the Romanian deadlift, plus concepts for regressing and progressing the transfer.

  • Begin with a barbell, weighted bar, or set of dumbbells totaling 10 to 25 kilos. Take into accout the load might be a lot lighter in comparison with the load you鈥檇 elevate with an everyday deadlift.
  • Stand along with your toes hip-width aside, knees barely bent, holding the load in entrance of your physique along with your arms straight alongside the entrance of your thighs.
  • Hinge at your hips and push your butt again towards the wall behind you as you decrease your physique. Preserve stiffness and engagement all through your physique. Your knees could bend a tiny bit extra; that's OK, however you shouldn't be bending them such as you're decreasing right into a squat.
  • Maintain the load(s) near your legs as you descend. Pull again in your shoulder blades and don’t let your again arch or spherical.
  • Conserving your core tight, push by your heels to face up straight. Preserve the load(s) near your shins as you pull.
  • Pause on the prime and squeeze your butt.
  • That is 1 rep. Do 10 reps. Relaxation for one minute and do 2 extra units of 10 reps every, resting one minute between every set.


As you progress by the reps, be sure your weight stays concentrated in your heels鈥攖his can activate the again of your legs, says Mansour. Interact your core to straighten your backbone (you don鈥檛 desire a rounded or arched again), and pull your shoulders away out of your ears in order that they aren鈥檛 hunched up, says Mansour.

The largest errors DiSalvo sees with this transfer are leaning too far ahead, not hinging on the hips, and holding the load too far-off out of your legs. Consider the hip hinge as 鈥渁 citadel drawbridge,鈥 says DiSalvo. 鈥淵our higher physique lowers down after which again up with only a hinge on the hip.鈥 When it comes to the load, it ought to be held 鈥渁s near your legs as potential,鈥 he explains. 鈥淚t鈥檚 even higher if it touches your legs on the way in which down.鈥

To progress the transfer, you possibly can add weight or decelerate your reps to extend the time that your muscular tissues are below stress, recommends DiSalvo. For instance, as an alternative of happening and up for one rely every, you may decrease for 5 counts and up for one. You may additionally attempt single-leg Romanian deadlifts or split-stance Romanian deadlifts to up the problem.

Then again, when you’ve got restricted mobility or are in any other case tight in your glutes and/or hamstrings, bend your knees barely extra and take into consideration pushing your hips farther again. 鈥淵our vary of movement might be smaller, however as you acquire energy, you鈥檒l improve it,鈥 says DiSalvo. Additionally, if it鈥檚 tough to maintain a superb grip on the bar with out your shoulders mountain climbing ahead, the load could be too heavy. Regress to utilizing simply your body weight if wanted, advises DiSalvo. With the Romanian deadlift, 鈥済ood kind鈥攏ot weight鈥攊s what determines your progress,鈥 he says.

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