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Difficult train and sitting down don’t sometimes go hand in hand. But that combo is exactly how Rumer Willis is reaching critical good points within the fitness center.In an Instagram video that the singer-slash-actor shared on Monday, Willis demos a squat variation generally known as the field squat that includes sitting on a bench between every rep. Regardless of the way it could look, this seated element shouldn’t be a built-in relaxation break—it ups the core and lower-body strengthening results of the transfer, amongst different advantages.You may take a look at the video, through @rumerwillis, right here:“A field squat has many elements that make it a extra fascinating squat than the standard again squat,” Ashley Borden, Willis’s coach and Los Angeles creator of her namesake health app, tells SELF. Borden, whose purchasers have included Christina Aguilera and Chelsea Handler, amongst others, additionally shared the video through her Instagram, @ashleybordenfitness.As Borden…