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kristen stewart


Regardless of the century, decade or 12 months, 鈥90s boy band and pop aesthetics will all the time gentle a proverbial fireplace underneath me. Nothing is kind of as scorching to me as that slick hair and scorching boy allure we solely聽actually received to expertise throughout a quick 10 12 months interval between 1990 and 2000 (throughout a lot of which I used to be a literal toddler and couldn鈥檛 respect the zeitgeist during which we have been dwelling). Like a present from above, although, Kristen Stewart鈥檚聽Underwater聽premiere look was whole 鈥90s Aaron Carter vibes in聽the hottest method possible. In fact, if me, you鈥檒l know that I believe Kristen Stewart is scorching sporting completely something. My thirst for the actress is actual, sure, however the Alessandra Wealthy ensemble Stewart selected to put on paired with a complete 鈥90s dreamboat haircut聽and her swoon-worthy fuck-boy perspective seals the DAMN deal. That white bralette…