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Magnetic Resonance Imaging


A brand new examine performed at IMT College for Superior Research Lucca exhibits that the subjective feeling of well-being skilled by many individuals with the apply of meditation is correlated with particular adjustments within the mind. The analysis, which appeared in Mind and Cognition, examined the results of the approach referred to as Transcendental Meditation (TM), which consists within the silent repetition of a meaningless sound, a "mantra". For the examine, performed on the Molecular Thoughts Laboratory (MoMiLab) of IMT College for Superior Research Lucca, the researchers enrolled 34 wholesome younger volunteers and divided them in two teams. The primary one practiced Transcendental Meditation 40 minutes per day in two classes of 20 minutes every, one within the morning and the opposite within the night; the second group didn’t change its every day routine. In the beginning of the examine, the researchers additionally measured by means of psychometric questionnaires the…