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Health and smartwatches aren鈥檛 downright hideous by any means (and relying in your style), however many of the present choices available on the market aren鈥檛 precisely cute both. Whilst you can decorate your Apple Watch or FitBit with an off-label wrist band to decorate it up with a bit of little bit of custom-made flare, there are many trendy smartwatches for ladies that don鈥檛 resemble the everyday sq. form and ponderous design prototype we鈥檙e used to. In actual fact, there are many tech-savvy watches supplied in an array of various colorways and metallic finishes, in addition to stylish designs that double as jewellery. Maybe extra importantly, whereas these elevated wearables seem like your non-smart go-to watch, however they nonetheless supply all the tech and well being options you鈥檝e come to count on, together with smartphone notifications from your entire apps, coronary heart fee monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, health monitoring, GPS and,…